Our Programs

The foundation’s main objectives are two-fold; first to provide practical business planning and financial management skills to potential and existing entrepreneurs aimed at increasing the chances of survival of new business ventures and growth of established businesses.
The second objective, which is closely linked and derives from the first, is creating jobs through entrepreneurship. The unemployment rate in Kenya was a high 21% in June 2020 according to a World Bank economic update report. Successful ventures and growing businesses will generate the much need jobs.

Our Programs Include:

Our Training Modules

Manage your Business Finances

The primary purpose of a commercial business is to make a profit! Is your business making a profit? You need to check and answer this question on a monthly basis or at least once a quarter. It’s important that you track your business income and expenses and prepare an accurate and reliable profit and loss account to aid in your decision
making process. The second most important thing to keep a close eye on is cash. You could be making a profit but still find yourself unable to run the business because you are cash-strapped. Cash is king and this should be monitored on a regular basis; sometimes daily or weekly depending on the nature of business and prevailing circumstances.
Thirdly, you need to keep track of your business assets and liabilities to determine the financial position. Is the business over-leveraged i.e. the liabilities far exceed the assets? Are the business assets underutilised? Such questions can only be answered from a reliable Statement of Financial Position formerly known as the balance sheet.
This course will help you understand the critical financial reports you need for your business and also how to interpret them.

Practical Accounting and Book keeping Skills

This course is geared towards entrepreneurs who wish to acquire basic bookkeeping and accounting skills. This helps in ensuring all the financial transactions are captured and recorded in a way that makes it easy to compile and generate business accounts.
It’s also a useful course for CPA students/graduates looking to enter the job market or who those who have started their first job with little or no practical experience.

Entrepreneurship Training

We aim to create an ecosystem of businesses and business people where people can connect, share knowledge, trade, coach and mentor each other

Manage Your Business Finances

The Foundation offers financial management training programs, aimed at equipping businesspeople with essential, practical bookkeeping and accounting knowledge to enhance management of their finances.

Business Networking

Aside from training, we aim to create an ecosystem of businesses and business people where people can connect, share knowledge, trade, coach and mentor each other