equipping entrepreneurs with practical business and financial management skills.

At MGK Foundation, our goal is twofold. The first is providing practical business skills to entrepreneurs and secondly, it is to create jobs through entrepreneurship.

Who We Are

MGK Foundation is a not for profit organisation whose focus is enhancing the chances of survival and growth of businesses in Kenya.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help potential and existing entrepreneurs manage their businesses better by equipping them with practical financial management and business planning skills.

Creating Jobs Through Entrepreneurship

The country continues to experience high rates of unemployment particularly amongst the youth. Successful new ventures and growing businesses will create the much needed jobs

Our Programs

Our programs aim to provide practical business skills to entrepreneurs. This will, in turn, sustain and create jobs as the businesses grow and expand

Entrepreneurship Training

Targeted at potential and existing businesses, we run a Start Your Business program for those venturing into business and a Grow Your Business program for established businesses looking to scale.

Manage Your Business Finances

The Foundation offers financial management training programs, aimed at equipping businesspeople with essential, practical bookkeeping and accounting knowledge to enhance management of their finances.

Business Networking

We aim to create an ecosystem of businesses and business people where people can connect, share knowledge, trade, coach and mentor each other

Knowledge Centre

A platform to share knowledge derived from best business practices, experiences of entrepreneurs and business research

Doing business in Kenya

A useful guide on the intricacies and nuances of setting up and running a business in Kenya

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Shared Experiences

We interview successful businesspeople to extract nuggets of wisdom from their entrepreneurial

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Business Research

We aim to regularly conduct research on relevant and topical business issues and share the findings and learnings derived therefrom

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Our Impact


Training Sessions


Entrepreneurs Trained


Network Members

Our Partners

How we work

To ensure the programs reach as many deserving entrepreneurs as possible, the Foundation is looking to scale by partnering with like-minded organizations such as successful local businesses, donors willing to support entrepreneurship training, trade and business associations, and alumni of the programs.

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